Orthoses and prostheses currently available in the market to help people overcome lower limb loss or dysfunction are primarily passive. The few available active devices are deficient in level of intelligence, are expensive and require custom deployment.  The Advensys product design incorporates a biologically-inspired adaptive neural circuit capable of instantaneously responding to the complex and ever-changing environment that impacts human locomotion.

Contract Manufacturing solutionsCMSI
Contract Manufacturing Solutions, Inc., also known as CMSI, is an FDA and ISO 13485:2003 registered product development and manufacturing facility.  Our company strives to provide customers with more than simply a manufacturing partner.  CMSI has the technical expertise and capabilities to help customers in every aspect of product development, manufacturing, product testing, service support, and even sales & distribution support, if needed.  All work is completed in accordance with our fully documented FDA and ISO procedures, offering further assurance that we deliver only the highest quality products and solutions to our customers. 

Our commitment is to help you connect to family, friends and a world of sound. That dedication has made us the global leader in implantable hearing solutions.  You will experience the best technology available, and a lifelong promise from Cochlear that we will help you achieve your best hearing potential.  As the industry pioneer, we have continued to develop breakthrough ideas and design industry-leading products to improve our user’s lifelong hearing experience. With our technology you may be able to feel the energy of the symphony, the rush of a cheering crowd, or the emotion of when a family member says, “I love you.”

Motion ControlMotion Control
Motion Control, Inc., is one of the most advanced development and manufacturing companies in the prosthetics industry today. Motion Control was originally established in 1974 to commercialize the medical technology developed at the University of Utah’s Center for Engineering Design.  Since it was made available in 1981, the Utah Artificial Arm has been at the forefront of myoelectric technology for elbow, hand, and wrist. For over three decades Motion Control has developed cutting-edge improvements in electronics, and innovative design for function, natural appearance, and comfort.

Tucker-Davis Technologies (TDT) provides products for basic and applied research in the neurophysiology, hearing, and speech sciences as well as for general data acquisition applications. We offer a complete line of modular DSP-based data acquisition and stimulus generation systems, ranging in complexity from a simple audio stimulator to a complete multichannel sensory and behavioral neurophysiology system for awake, behaving subjects.  Our goal is to offer the most powerful research instrumentation that we can imagine and back it up with the best customer support in the business.