ASU ANSCenter for Adaptive Neural Systems
Traumatic injury or neurological diseases can significantly alter or impair the lifestyle of the afflicted individual. Driven by the needs of potential users, our engineers and scientists at the Center for Adaptive Neural Systems (ANS) are designing and developing technology to offset the effects of spinal cord injury, orthopedic injury, Parkinson’s disease and cerebral palsy.  The center's research is motivated by the growing need for medical neurotechnology to extend, and perhaps more importantly, improve the quality of life.

Program in the Study of SpiritualityProgram in the Study of Spirituality
The mission of the Program in the Study of Spirituality is to explore the nature and qualities of spirituality including its traditional contexts and contemporary applications. To accomplish this mission, the Program in the Study of Spirituality (PSS) will: encourage the sharing of ideas and knowledge about the practices of spirituality and their relationship to planetary and individual well-being, promote community participation in multi-faith, multi-spiritual dialogue, stimulate research in the burgeoning global phenomenon of spirituality, explore the impact of spirituality across academic disciplines and professions, offer formal curricula in the study of spirituality at undergraduate and graduate levels, and provide a platform for invited practitioners and scholars of spirituality on campus and in the community.

University of BordeauxUniversity of Bordeaux
ENSEIRB-MATMECA is one the 6 graduate schools of Institute of Technology (IPB). ENSEIRB-MATMECA is a public Grande Ecole* training engineers to take up the major challenges of the 21st century with all the skills required to design complex systems such as information systems, telecommunications networks, space and aeronautics, and energy production systems. These sectors of the future driven by technological innovation offer our graduates excellent employment opportunities, as well as rich and varied career prospects.