Undergraduate Students

We are looking for motivated, reliable, and enthusiastic students to work on research projects related to understanding how the human brain and nervous system works, for development of technology for assessing or promoting neurorecovery after spinal cord injury, to restore sensory function and motor control after limb loss, and for healthy aging.Specifically, students will have the opportunity to assist in a variety of lab work, including:

  • Analyzing tissue data
  • Sample examination and study under microscope
  • Programming
  • Digital drawing
  • Gather biomechanical and/or electrophysiological data
  • Data input and analysis

By the end of the project, the student should have the skills and knowledge necessary to conduct more in-depth research projects in the fields of life sciences and neuroscience, biomedical and neural engineering.

Steps for Joining the Lab

  • Please navigate the website and become familiar with the projects before contacting us.
  • We expect undergraduate volunteers to put in at least 10 hours/week.
  • We do not provide paid internships but you could apply for an undergraduate research scholarship (see links below). We do not provide course credits unless you are enroll in an Honors project.
  • We have three different levels of undergraduate research:

    Entry-level undergraduate research:

    If you are a freshman and/or have no previous research experience, you would work on an already developed project under the guidance and supervision of a mentor.

    Mid-level undergraduate research:

    If you have previously been an Entry-level undergraduate researcher or have other previous research experience, you would design and work on a project with the help of a mentor.

    Top-level undergraduate research:

    If you have at least one year of research experience and are interested in pursuing graduate school, you would develop, test, and communicate your own scientific ideas and questions.

Please contact Dr. Rincon Gonzalez with questions and inquiries regarding human research studies. To apply, please send a resume and unofficial transcript to Dr Rincon Gonzalez.


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