Traumatic injury or neurological diseases can significantly alter or impair the lifestyle of the afflicted individual. Driven by the needs of potential users, our engineers and scientists at the Adaptive Neural Systems (ANS) Laboratory are designing and developing technology to offset the effects of limb amputation, orthopedic injury and disease, and other neurodegenerative diseases. By applying a multifaceted approach, the laboratory investigates the effects of trauma and disorders of the nervous system to replace damaged or lost functionality or to repair the system using advanced adaptive devices and therapeutic techniques. [More]

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    Members of the Adaptive Neural Systems Lab are attending the 2016 annual Meeting of the Society for Neurosciences in San Diego.  Graduate students are presenting work on topics ranging from providing sensation for amputees to providing electrical stimulation for respiratory function following spinal cord injury.

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    As a result of  Mr. Chintan Joshi have been mentored by Dr. Ranu Jung,  he successfully defended his master's thesis titled "EEG spectral changes before and after an eight-week intervention period of Preksha meditation." Mr. Joshi Analyzed EEG data from adults undergoing a meditation intervention intended to enhance physiological and psychological well-being.

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